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Looking to sell your car?

Have you ever tried to sell your car privately or trade it in for a new one? If you answered yes, you're not alone!

I think most of us have experienced selling a car at some point in our lives, I know I have. Do you remember the process you went through? How was it for you? Can you remember the stress and how scary it was?

Maybe you have not experienced any of this yet? If so, keep reading, it will help you decide whether this is something you want to experience for yourself or not?

Usually when prospective buyers want to come around and test drive your car it's at the most inconvenient of times Eg. Dinner time or during your favorite TV program or quality time with the family. It starts with a knock at the door or a phone call to let you know they are outside your house. You go out and show them round the car and the first thing they do is pull your pride and joy apart, pointing out all of it's faults and telling you about them. They know about these faults and issues because they usually have a so-called "expert" with them. Then off we go for a test drive which can usually be quite harsh. One of the worst things about having a stranger drive your car is that they adjust the seat position! It can take ages to get this back to its original position. They usually want to try all the switches and gadgets out too. Now the actual drive, over revving the engine and going through the gearbox in a hurry. Next, time to negotiate on the price, this is probably the worst part of selling your car because the offer made is usually not even close to the asking price or what you believe your car is worth. Even though they knew the asking price before they arrived. Once this painful part of this process is over, and unless you agree to their low offer? The buyer says "I'll let you know". Leaving you to go back to your cold dinner. Then you look at the bill from Auto Trader and feel disappointed for spending all that money to put yourself through this experience and with no results. Of course this is all dependent on getting a potential buyer in the first place. (Not guaranteed)

This is only one example of how you can chose to sell your car, there are other methods you can try, they all have there advantages and disadvantages for eg. WeBuyAnyCar, unfortunately this method of selling your car generates much lower prices, up to £3000 less than retail and definitely less than your selling price. Not to mention the fact that every month the value of your car is reducing, it's all very stressful and actually quite depressing. However it is a very fast way to sell your car.

You could part exchange your car? This will also generate a low price like the WeBuyAnyCar option and the dealers will all offer different prices. The challenge here is getting the best price for your car and the best price on the car you want to buy. This can be difficult because sometimes the dealer that gives you the best part exchange price does not have the car you want to buy or at the best price,and the dealer that does have the right car for you can offer a really low part exchange price! It's enough to make your head spin!

Not to mention having to go through each dealer's sales processes, and all the time and energy it takes to go from dealer to dealer which can use up much of your free time.

Is there a solution I hear you say?

My Story

My name is Raf, approximately five years ago I decided to sell my car. I looked at all the options available to me for Eg. part exchanging, selling privately, WeBuyAnyCar etc. I found the whole experience to be uncomfortable and very stressful. Basically it was awful and for all the reasons already mentioned above. I didn't enjoy it at all. I didn't get anywhere near the amount of money for my car that I wanted and it basically left a bad taste in my mouth. Ironically about five years ago I started working for a car supermarket, and during this time I learned everything about the motor trade, however even though it was a secure job with good earning potential eventually, I lost my passion for it and I came to realise that it didn't match my values, and so, after five years of working in there I decided to leave. I really saw an opportunity to fill a need and where I could make a difference and help people. I also believe that I can make the process of buying and selling your car a pleasurable one!

I love helping people and I am passionate about cars. I'm also aware of the massive need within the industry for both car buyers and car sellers that is why I'm happy and excited to offer my services to people just like you.

I joined a privately owned garage called (Noya Motor Group) where we focus on the customer experience and building a bridge between the buyer and the seller.

I would love to help take away all the pain of selling your car from your home.

How It Works

Firstly: A simple phone call from us, no sales pitch, no money upfront. The initial phone call is to make sure the service we provide matches your needs and requirements.

Relax, you're in good hands! From the moment you decide to let us sell your car for you.

Here's the process:

Following the initial call and if you choose to have a no obligation appointment?

Option 1:

You can come and check us out at our showroom, drink our coffee and try our cakes.

Once you decide that you are happy with our business and the service we provide. You can leave your car in our showroom and we gladly chauffeur you home.

Option 2:

If you are a busy individual and don't have the time to come to our showroom and deliver your car, we can come to you. Typically myself will come around at a convenient time that suits you.

We will take a look around your car together, and if you are happy to proceed, I will take your car and prepare it as is described above and position it in our showroom. We can work together and find the optimal price to sell your vehicle for.

We will place your precious vehicle in our showroom, once it has been valeted to our high standard and professionally photographed. We'll deal with all the enquiries, we'll cover the cost of insurance and tax, we'll book the appointments and take care of all the test drives and viewings. We'll also handle all the negotiations on your behalf. We also cover all the advertising costs. To increase the likelihood and speed of selling your car we can offer potential buyers the opportunity to finance the vehicle, extend the warranty and other extras eg. paint protection. We'll provide you with regular updates and enquiries from prospective buyers.

The benefit of selling your car with us is that you can just carry on with your everyday life as normal.

When we find a committed buyer for the car we take care of the money and relevant paperwork. As soon as everything has been processed we send you your payment.

In summary from the moment you decide to sell your car to the money hitting your bank account you don't have to do anything, everything is done for you. The process is hassle free and secure.

You can even say it's enjoyable.

Don't take my word for it check our reviews on Google, Facebook and Autotrader.



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